We provide a full clinical and laboratory service for the investigation of management of patients with the porphyrias. Both the analytical (after March 2012) and clinical services are based at St James’ University Hospital.

Our laboratory is registered as a participant in the European Porphyria Initiative network of laboratories, is fully CPA accredited and works to GLP and FDA codes of practice. We are part of the British and Irish Porphyria Network which provides clinical care for patients with all forms of porphyria.

Clinics for patients with porphyria are held on Tuesday afternoons and referrals should be sent to Dr J Barth, Old Medical School, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds LS1 3EX.

Clinical Lead Dr Julian Barth  0113 39 23416 / 0113 20 64852
Consultant Biochemist Dr Mick Henderson 0113 20 66861
Senior Biomedical Scientist Mr Tim Degg 0113 20 66063


British Porphyria Association:    http://www.porphyria.org.uk/

British and Irish Porphyria Network:    http://bipnet.org.uk/

European Porphyria Initiative:    http://www.porphyria-europe.org/

University of Cape Town Porphyria Service:    http://www.porphyria.uct.ac.za/ 

Information for both professionals and patients and advice on drug safety

Welsh Medicines Information Centre:    http://www.wmic.wales.nhs.uk/porphyria_info.php

Database for safe medications in Acute Porphyria:    http://www.drugs-porphyria.org

This is an international drug database for porphyria that provides a list of medicines available in the UK. Including both generic and UK trade names, the website provides a full list of the drugs are safe or unsafe for people with porphyria.

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